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Douglas Babb



“Dear Professor Babb - Last night's class was so awesome. 

I have enjoyed every single class so much but last night had special meaning for me.  I now have even more respect and admiration for musicians and artists now that I have a small taste of how involved and intricate the recording process is.   

I loved hearing all the individual tracks but especially enjoyed hearing the tracks of the Beatles voices without the instruments.  So cool.  I was mesmerized. Thank you very much for bringing in all of your equipment.  Have a great weekend.” Summer 2010

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When Worlds Collide!

The rare photos above show “The Beatles” working with a Moog Synthesizer, heard on the “Abbey Road” LP. It was built by Bob Moog and sold to The Beatles by Bernie Krause.

Douglas Babb was the first curator of the Bob Moog Foundation for Electronic Music, and he teaches classes on “The Beatles” and “Music Technology” at IUPUI and Marian University.

He is also known as The Moog Guy.”  He likes these photos a lot.

Check out the links above and below to find out more...

Ringo and George check out their new Moog synthesizer.

Switched-On John.

Paul working on The Moog.

Ken Mansfield was on the roof at Apple when “The Beatles”

played their last concert. He is a remarkable guy with an amazing story.

I have read all three of his books.

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Click on the image above to connect with Chris O'Dell, the author of "Miss O'Dell: My Hard Days and Long Nights with The Beatles, The Stones, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton and the Women They Loved". A must read!

“Recording The Beatles” by Kevin Ryan and Brian Kehew is the ultimate book about The Beatles” in the studio. A must have. Click above to go to the site.

“The Beatles Gear” is the book to tell you why “the Beatles” sounded like “The Beatles”

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“Here, There and Everywhere” by Abbey Road Studio engineer Geoff Emerick is the inside story of the recording sessions that led to all the timeless Beatles music.

Click the photo to go to the store at “Beatles Bible” and search the books list.

“Magical Mystery Tours” by Tony Bramwell is one of my favorite books, told by someone who was there when it happened.

Click the photo to go to the store at “Beatles Bible” and search the books list.

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The site for all things Beatle.

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“Hi Doug - Last night left me "high" on the Beatles.   I've forgotten how great their music is!  I've been humming one of the songs all morning :).   Between them and your background, I'm really excited about this class!” Fall 2010

“Since I missed the course evaluation, just wanted to send you this email.  I LOVED THE BEATLES CLASS!!!  I will be at Conner Prairie this Saturday night for the Beatles Tribute, and will certainly have a new appreciation for their music.  This was truly one of the best classes I've taken throughout my college career!!  I looked forward to it every Monday & Wednesday evening, and hated to see it be over so soon.

Thanks for the wonderful experience, I really enjoyed it.  I've even started reading Tony Bramwell's book, "Magical Mystery Tours, My Life with the Beatles".  I just can't get enough of them now.”

Summer 2010

“I loved this class. I have always liked the Beatles music, now I feel as if I sort of know them. I sometimes leave class thinking they are still playing today.”

“It’s the history of the BEATLES. Nothing else can be made of this much awesome.”

“Fun to learn. I loved this class. Great Teacher. He’s too awesome.”

“The Beatles have been my favorite band my whole life. It was such a great opportunity to have a history class offered so the true fans can learn more. I love the films and the music provided.”

Student Testimonials...

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The Beatles

Learn American Sign Language with The Beatles

“Love Me Do by Nicholas Shepherd

Caution! The above videos contains adult references!

Contact: 317-506-0669


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“The Music of The Beatles” Mus-Z401 


Another nice use of Sign Language in the clip above.

Professor Babb:
     I was not able to fill out an evaluation online but felt it necessary to extend my appreciation and respect for you as a teacher; you are one of the better professors I have had in a very long time. Before taking this class I was a fan of the Beatles, listening to their music whenever it was playing, but couldn't name more than 5 of their songs (Let It Be, LSD, Come Together... the songs even non Beatles fans could name). I am amazed how much I learned about the Beatles; your class made me a true Beatles fan.
     Unlike my Hendrix course, I looked forward to your class and disappointed when I couldn't attend if I was sick. Your passion for the Beatles and desire to share your vast knowledge made this one of the better courses I have taken (music related or not).
     Sorry for the novel, but I wanted to share with you my appreciation and respect for you as a professor and would not change anything about the course. Again thank you for your time and opening my eyes into the world of the Beatles seen only in your class.
     Enjoy your summer.

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Ken Scott has written an amazing new book about his work with The Beatles, Pink Floyd, David Bowie and countless other bands.

I read it. Loved it. Read it1

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Babb is seen here recording The Beatles (above) and sitting in on guitar (below)

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“this is the most organized class I have ever taken online at both IU and Purdue....”

The Fifth Beatle

“The Making of the Paperback Writer Video” Click above to watch.

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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The Beatles' Songwriting

In One Cool Infographic

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